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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

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Sports massage is a specific massage technique that manipulates the body’s soft tissue. Recent literature and developments have led Sports Massage to deal with specific conditions that the body develops. It utilizes such techniques as MET (muscle energy technique), Soft Tissue Release and NMT (neuromuscular technique). Sports Massage is so-called simply because it produces positive effects that are popular of sports people. Whether you’re a body builder, professional or recreational athlete or a stressed out desk bound office worker, the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. You can expect a tailor made session every time.  My hands on therapy treatments are always combined with some basic movement analysis, mobility and specific rehab instructions should the treatment be because of an injury.  Often we discuss the benefits of other modalities that my be specific to your training status.  It may be particularly useful to sync it with de-load weeks or pre/post competition.

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