CorePTFitness is a performance coaching platform which was founded by our head coach Matt. Here is a short background from the owner and founder: 

My name is Matt, I am the lead coach and founder at corePT. I set up this business in 2010 and I have been transforming peoples performance, health and lives ever since.  We offer both services and products in the field of health, fitness and the performance industry.

Qualified with a 1st Class Honours degree in Sports Performance alongside many other CPD accreditations, I have the knowledge and ability to help clients, athletes and customers from various backgrounds achieve their fitness, health, performance and aesthetic goals. I have experience working with beginners, through to elite sports performers and my expertise has always led to great results.

My own personal relationship with performance saw me involved in elite level sports from a young age, perhaps the pinnacle was representing my country at schoolboy level at football earning 6 caps in total. I then forged a semi professional career in football. Unfortunately at the age of 25 I experienced a career threatening injury, however I overcame that injury to play some of my best football of my career. This is where my performance development and sports science career really took off.  Despite being told I would never play again, defying the odds, I assessed and implemented every element of training, nutrition and lifestyle, and managed to get back playing some of the best football of my career.

Towards the age of 30, a number of major lower limb operations was making playing to the level I once had difficult and this took me on my next journey of peak athletic performance.  When I was forced to retire, it really affected me.  I felt as if a huge part of my life was over.  I suffered both mentally and physically but I truly believe it was an experience that, in the long term, made me a better person, coach and athlete.  See below for 2 pictures taken a year after retirement and me to this day (2023).


(January 2021)



Since then I have completed many 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons, cycle sportive and challenges, sprint distance Triathlons, Olympic distance triathlons, half Ironmans (70.3) and Ironmans. I continue to train towards and race in numerous races and challenges.

Learning 1st hand, what it takes to achieve things across numerous sports and disciplines, some of which I have done as a beginner, has greatly enhanced and developed my understanding of how our body works optimally and specifically. These are the very principles that I implement with all my athletes / clients today. Helping them achieve the ultimate in performance, health and aesthetic goals.

I believe my expertise, understanding of psychology, knowledge of anatomy and physiology and burning passion to improve peoples quality of life through improvements in both physical and mental health, have led me to being able to truly implement an unrivalled service.  Perhaps most importantly, I believe I am very well equipped to get the best results possible.  I am a coach, but I also run other the operational side of the business as well as being a husband and father to my two young children, so I can relate to the strains, pressures and limitations that may get in the way.  

"Coaching must be results driven, but also realistic" - Matt Bloor


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